Konzept : TANSIK(Chizu Kimura, Hoshiko Yamane)

Choreographie/Tanz : Chizu Kimura

Musik/Violine : Hoshiko Yamane

Bühnenbild / Kostüme : Hitomi Ueoka


~We were once all untouched.

As time passes, we get covered with various films, get decorated with different things.

Eventually they become part of ourselves. Good or bad, consciously or not..

Everything we obtained as it goes.

Do we make the most of it…?~


Tansik is an experimental performance group in Berlin, formed in 2009.

Hoshiko Yamane(violinist) and Chizu Kimura (Dancer),whose aim is to collaborate live music and contemporary dance as its principal,and to play theater piece with the music witch can also be visually enjoyable.

Hoshiko Yamane

Hoshiko Yaman is a Violinist, composer based in Berlin.

She graduated with Diploma in the violin from the University of Music and Theater in Rostock. During her study, she worked at Brandenburgisches Staatorchester as well as working actively as a freelancer with artists from wide range of fields.

Since 2011, she has been working with Jane Birkin and Tagerin Dream for their worldwide tours and recordings.

Chizu Kimura

Chizu Kimura trained at Legat School of Dance and London Studio Centre in the UK before moving to Germany.

As a freelance dancer, she worked with Trisha Brown, Sebastian Eilers, Michael Rooney, Angus Balbernie, Norman Douglas and Lise Loensmann. Since 2008 she choreographs dance pieces and organizes performances.

She regurally gives ballet and contemporary classes in Berlin since 2009, also works as a certified GYROTONIC® trainer since 2012.